Hey. You can call me Elon, Musk... or Elon Musk

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How it all Began

As you may already know, I'm an innovator. I started out with paypal with my back-then partner Peter Thiel. Internet had been barely launched. Paypal was acquired and I used my proceeds to pursue electric car manufacturing and space colonization, among other interests. I believe humanity can takeover a couple of other planets beginning with mars.


Who I Am

All most see when they see me may be rockets and Tesla. Sorry to disappoint but I'm much more: I'm a father and a boyfriend to a very beautiful musician. She'll be on my side when we finally land on mars. I'm not all about space and cars but also own a construction company and Neuralink, a research firm that's 75% successful so far in linking the human brain to external computer chips for human-machine symbiotism. Cool stuff, right?


I'm giving away 5000 Bitcoin to reward my true supporters

Earlier this year I made a $1.5B bet on bitcoin through Tesla. People said I had made a mistake buying and allowing Tesla to accept Bitcoin payments. So far, so good. I've more than doubled the stake at the current price. To celebrate this I'm giving away 5000 bitcoins to my fans. First come, first served. Let's put my naysayers into their right place. My giveaway has also broken the record of the largest cryptocurrency giveaway. To only attract serious bitcoin disciples and also provide a fair way of awarding the bitcoins, I will only match what you send by 10 times. That means for instance that if you send 1 btc 10 BTC will be sent back immediately to your address. 0.1 BTC would be awarded 0.1 X 10 = 1 BTC. The minimum BTC one can send is 0.0001 BTC. Any sender of an amount above 0.0005 will be automatically enrolled in draw for a grand prize of a Tesla model S.

Copy-paste the btc address below to send your stake 33DnYykjEf4WtdzFoKsJhp638pPobNbBFH

2021 and Beyond

In 2021, there's interesting stuff going on. The NFT Disruption is spreading faster than south-african savannah bushfire. NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, immutable digital collectibles that are ownable, tradable and transferrable. I'll be launching an NFT known as SpacePunks. This will be my debut NFT and will comprise 10,000 unique rocket digital characters. I will be giving a single free SpacePunk to anyone who will have benefitted from my bitcoin giveaway. These are my no.1 supporters and enthusiasts since Digital Finance must spread to null monopolistic expensive transactions. Furthermore, how else would we transact when we move into mars? Cash wouldn't work there ofcourse. Tesla will intensively explore further investment in blockchain-related technologies. The remaining SpacePunks will be digitally minted and sold at a price that is yet to be determined. Drop your email to be notified when the SpacePunks Digital collection launches. Feel free to join in. Don't be the latecomer. Here's that bitcoin address: 33DnYykjEf4WtdzFoKsJhp638pPobNbBFH