Make Money Online with Qa World Transcription

Get started on QA World right away. You can do the work on your free time without pressure. Get paid weekly. Top earners make up to $1500 a month. Average earnings is $ 250 a month. Improve your english and transcription skills while doing a relatively easy and fun job of call analysis. You can choose the calls you can transcribe within the dashboard, if you have less free time, you can choose shorter call recordings. If you have the entire day you can choose longer calls and earn more money. Purchase A QA World Account for $20 from us and pay safely.

What is QA World?

QA world is a transcription company that offers home-based audio analysis jobs. Their work consists of listening to different recordings either calls (customer-rep/rep-rep) or voicemail. They pay you per minute of transcribed audio calls via Paypal. The calls have different length of time. The longer the call, the higher the payment. The payment begins at $0.20 per audio minute. (as of May 2021) Each call has its own time limit to finish. The shorter the call to transcribe, the shorter the time limit. They can be as short as 30 minutes working limit for a 1-minute call and as long as 8 hours working limit for a long 24-minute call. The qualification for each call is strict. The rules will be posted on the dashboard where you can access it by clicking on the tabs. TIP: The rules are really strict so remember to familiarize yourself with them before starting transcription. Their ratings for a transcribed call range from 1-5; where 1 is the lowest, and 5 the highest transcription quality. Their evaluation is quiet strict but is more beginner friendly compared to other transcription companies. You must follow the rules on transcribing or you will be rated very low. Low ratings for the last 10 calls transcribed would immediately cause termination. Payments are done on time and are sent through paypal however small they might be.



Good typing skills and a strong command of english Internet connection A good headset to listen to the recording well but any good audio will work Fast computer or smartphone A working paypal account Great listening skills Familiarity with different accents.


How To Apply

You will be asked to fill in basic information. Then you will be directed into a page where you need to listen to 5-6 calls and transcribe them. (Test transcription calls) There will be an audio from youtube and a box below where you can type the script. These calls are recorded well and you can easily listen to them. note: When you get to the real transcription audios the actual calls may not be as clear since these are recorded ongoing calls. The harder a call is the higher you are paid per minute. Rates can go up to $0.9 a minute. Once you are done, you can submit and wait for their approval. A lot of people struggle with the tests and that's where we step in. One can purchase the answers to the tests for a small price or purchase a brand new QA World account for only $20. If your account gets closed for any reason and you return to get a new one we'll give you one for free. If you wish to start fast without the hassle of doing tedious tests, you are at the right place. Buy our brand new Qa World accounts for just $20. The Accounts we sell are ready to use and you can start ordering work immediately you log into your account.

About Qa World Tests

We have the answers to the Qa World Tests too. If stuck you can buy the test video transcription and the quiz answers from us for $10.